Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Seventh Reason TV Was Invented!

I blame my wife for this one, or more to the point, her love of the GSN's Lingo and Chuck "Naturally Stoned" Woolery, but I've discovered what might be the number one reason TV was invented. I'll call her number seven, but that's only because I'm not doing the reasons in any order other than as they come to me.

Check here and here for the previous six reasons.

Normally, blue-eyed, blond Barbie Dolls don't do it for me, but damn! My running joke is the only blonde I ever liked was the one I married, who just so happens to be named Barbi. Anyway, Miss Missouri, Shandi Finnessey, a 25-year-old graduate student who has published a children's book (I'm not even gonna touch that one!) and was crowned the 52nd Miss USA, is now doing time on the gameshow network's Lingo opposite host Woolery. Is there nothing she can't do?!

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