Saturday, November 05, 2005

Watchin' Too Much Damn TV!

Free time is a valuable commodity to me, so when I'm not at work, playing with my kids, spending QT with the wife or working on my latest comic book project, I try to watch as little TV as possible. As I've said before, I'm particular about what I watch. For instance, I finally managed to talk myself out of watching Surface. I found a pretty cool show called Cinema Insomnia on my local public access channel. Hosted by a rather odd fellow named Mr. Lobo, CI plays some perfectly rotten horror/scifi movies, but it's not the movies that're worth watching. Like Svengoolie, it's all the stuff around it that makes this show interesting and entertaining, though probably not to everybody.
As for TV shows that've been around awhile, According to Jim is pretty damn funny in spite of the fact that it falls into the Home Improvement catigory of sitcoms (i.e. dumb guy with smart wife). The comedic chemestry between the cast is nothing short of brilliant. Plus, it has Kimberly Williams in it. I don't think I have to say more. The Office is another returning champion. Based on a British TV show, our American counterpart has one thing up on the original: Greg Daniels as one of its executive producers.
And as for new TV shows, I'm still a big fan of My Name Is Earl and Squidbillies and that's about it.
Now, I know what you're probably thinking: This guy watches a lot of sitcoms. Well, there was a time when I was all about the drama. I watched nearly every Law & Order out there, though my favorite drama was Third Watch, but since it was cancelled last season, I've pretty much lost interest in TV drama. My own life is drama enough thank you very much.

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