Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mid-Ohio, Part Duex

Big news, boppers! Some new photos fell into my hands from Mid-Ohio by way of Nik Havert and I'm compelled to show them. Up first, we have Nik and me (the guy with the pencil in his mouth) about mid-show on Saturday. It's funny looking at the table from the other side. It seems so much bigger. I believe this photo was supplied by Dwayne or Nik's wife Mandy.
Clicking each image will enlarge them to a more viewable size.Up next was possibly my favorite sketch of the show, not because of the subject matter, that of a topless Lady Death, but it was this guy's meek approach to the request. The sketch turned out great for my first Lady Death (I still have no real idea who she is).

The crowning jewel of my sketch accuisitions at Mid-Ohio was this Batman Matt Feazell sketched on a memo pad for me.
Lastly and certainly not leastly, we have the lovely Miss Nic McClain showcasing our own Kelly Connelly of our upcoming weird western tale Salem, AZ. Miss McClain's resemblence to the six-gun witch is uncanny and she held us spellbound (there, I said it) as she posed for a few pictures.

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