Monday, January 30, 2006

Art Imitating Life

By now, boppers, you've learned that the lovely Nicole McClain has agreed to portray the gun-slingin' witch Kerry Connelly for Nik's and my book Salem, AZ. The plan is to do photo covers, posters and who knows what else. That's not really my department, so I can't say for sure.

The original inspiration for Kerry was the dynamic and timeless Jennifer Connelly, as is probably evident by the coice for Kerry's last name. I didn't want to create a character based on an actress for two reasons, one, I think it's kinda amatuerish and two, I'd spend all my time Googling Jennifer Connelly and wouldn't get any work done. So I was faced with a choice when Miss McClain entered the picture. Did I want to change Kerry's look to match Nicole's or leave her as is. After toiling over Nicole's photos, I discovered how much she really looked like Kerry. I only altered her appearance slightly and the two were one (I'm not telling what I changed, either). Anyway, that's the big news this time around. Enjoy the sketch.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Project Updates!

On a lark, I asked Nik Havert, who is currently learning the ins and outs of lettering if he'd be interested in putting what he's learned thus far to the test on "Up Jumped the Devil" and I was surprised he said yes! The Billinator is currently getting his feet wet on my pencil work for the first half of the book and I'm eagerly awaiting the samples. Rest assured you too will see them as soon as I do! I myself am currently working on a few more pages of Nik's and my book "Salem, AZ" before I do any additional work on "Up Jumped the Devil" or any other project, although I've got part two of UJtD nearly scripted. I would like to thank Hollywood once again for this opportunity to play around with one of his children.

Keep it here, boppers!

Friday, January 20, 2006

More Salem, AZ Pages!

Okay, I took some time off from the whole art thing for personal reasons, but I'm back with a vengance and crankin' out pages left and right. Along with scripting a fight scene for part two of Up Jumped the Devil (You can see the scribbles here), I've sent some pencils off to Bill "Inkstocologist" Wilkison and resumed work on Nik Havert's and my spellcasting spaghetti western extravaganza Salem, AZ. Below are four pages from the book, some of which might look a little familiar, but I thought they looked better all lumped together. Don't worry, I won't be doing this when I'm something like twenty pages into it.

And, without any more delay, page one...
Two...And due to a script glitch that I'll probably never let Nik live down, I skipped ahead from page two to page four while we figured out exactly how gravity worked. Page three is currently on the drawing table.
And just because I felt like drawing some cheesecake, I skipped way ahead to page seven for the issue's debute of it's title character, the bewitching gunslinger Kerry Connelly!
More pages will be coming soon, so keep it here, boppers!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Hand of Fate

"Spooky" was the look I was going for with this one, a painting I did for my buddy Dwayne as a Christmas present.
You may recall I did Green Arrow for him last year.
Anyway, going for "spooky" was a trick when your character is blue and yellow, so I decided it would all hinge on the eyes.
I think I pulled it off and Dwayne was quite happy with it so I guess I did something right.
Don't forget, kiddies, you can click on the picture to see a larger version of it appear as if by magic!
How's that for spooky?!