Monday, January 30, 2006

Art Imitating Life

By now, boppers, you've learned that the lovely Nicole McClain has agreed to portray the gun-slingin' witch Kerry Connelly for Nik's and my book Salem, AZ. The plan is to do photo covers, posters and who knows what else. That's not really my department, so I can't say for sure.

The original inspiration for Kerry was the dynamic and timeless Jennifer Connelly, as is probably evident by the coice for Kerry's last name. I didn't want to create a character based on an actress for two reasons, one, I think it's kinda amatuerish and two, I'd spend all my time Googling Jennifer Connelly and wouldn't get any work done. So I was faced with a choice when Miss McClain entered the picture. Did I want to change Kerry's look to match Nicole's or leave her as is. After toiling over Nicole's photos, I discovered how much she really looked like Kerry. I only altered her appearance slightly and the two were one (I'm not telling what I changed, either). Anyway, that's the big news this time around. Enjoy the sketch.

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the lair of the Evil DM said...

awesome choice dude. she is one lovely lady.