Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Project Updates!

On a lark, I asked Nik Havert, who is currently learning the ins and outs of lettering if he'd be interested in putting what he's learned thus far to the test on "Up Jumped the Devil" and I was surprised he said yes! The Billinator is currently getting his feet wet on my pencil work for the first half of the book and I'm eagerly awaiting the samples. Rest assured you too will see them as soon as I do! I myself am currently working on a few more pages of Nik's and my book "Salem, AZ" before I do any additional work on "Up Jumped the Devil" or any other project, although I've got part two of UJtD nearly scripted. I would like to thank Hollywood once again for this opportunity to play around with one of his children.

Keep it here, boppers!

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