Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Do Requests

Trenched in a number of comic book projects as I am, I decided to take the week off and just do pin-ups, sketches, etc, for the fun of it, so I asked a couple random people I know what they would like me to draw. The thing I enjoy about this is, like doing pictures at comic book conventions, you just never know what people are gonna ask for. One particular conventioneer just gives me a big-ass sheet of paper and asks me to draw any Marvel character. I like that guy!

So far, I've gotten Nik wanting a picture of DC's Creeper (below), whom I'd never drawn before and after seeing the sweet version Nik has by Daniel Brereton, I don't know why he even bothers to collect any others.
My favorite part is the hood ornament. Once I did it, I had to put the Penquin in the car. That's just how my mind works.

"I want you to draw me with a skull and make me look hot," was my wife's request (like that's difficult). I got a bit of a Sharpie-high off of this one but it's the best skull I've ever done.
I got a request from Nicole McClain for and Angelina Jolie drawing. Sheesh! Sometimes, you get what you ask for. In this case, it's the challenge of the thing. Check back soon, boppers...

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