Friday, February 10, 2006

Project Updates Galore!

Big news, boppers! Lots of groovy art updates this time 'round!
First up is a sneak peak at a possible ad for Salem, AZ to be ran in Bill "The Inksticator T-1000" Wilkison's upcoming third installation of Wha? For those of you not familiar with Bill's work, check out his blog and website. Tell him I sent you and he'll probably say something like, "Paul who...?"

Anyway, here's the ad without whatever wordage Nik Havert decides to go with on it. This is probably some of the best work I've done and I think the reason is all the thought I put into it. I only had one page and had to get it right. I did a similar version of this ad first, but Bill took one look at it and asked, "Where's the sex?!" The ad is also a sorta tribute to one of the greatest spaghetti westerns of all time. I'm talkin' 'bout "Once Upon A Time In The West." Along with "Death Hunt" & "The White Buffalo," it's probably Charles Bronson's finest film, but I'm getting off track a bit.
Next up: pages three and five of Salem, AZ#1!
Out of all the Salem, AZ pages I've done, including the preview that'll be appearing in the second issue of The Three Keys#2 (due out sometime this summer, I hear), page three is probably my favorite. I love the way the action flows.
If you can't remember what happened here, click here and page five (below) might make a bit more sense.
To be continued...

Along with Salem, AZ, I've been diligently chugging away at "Sweet Black Angel," part one (of two) of Up Jumped the Devil, starring the afroed one himself, Big 'Fro Brown. Big 'Fro, of course, is the creation of Robert "Hollywood" Swinton, who was gracious enough to trust me with his baby for this one-shot story.

Here are the pencils for pages five through seven.
Sorry for the grainy scans, but sometimes pencils don't photocopy well.
Well, that's it for this time around, boppers.
Keep coming back for more (you know you like it).

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