Saturday, March 04, 2006

Project Updates 03-04-06!

When Mike Indovina agreed to let me use a 1970s version of his character The Chimera, we discussed what he might look like if he were actually from the '70s. Of course, in my opinion, if you take too many liberties with another person's creation, it's no longer the same character. But, it did make me wonder what the Chimera might look like in the '70s, so I tossed around some concepts but kept coming back to one. For the majority of his appearance in the upcoming Up Jumped the Devil, Chimera will look like Mike's original creation, whose influence lies in old movie serials, but for the fight scene between him and Big 'Fro Brown, I thought he'd look really cool in an outfit like the one Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death as a tribute to one of the greatest fight scenes of all time.

To your left, you'll see a work up of what Chimera might look like. Mike was happy, so I'm happy too.

To your right is just another excuse to publish a picture of Kerry Connelly of Nik Havert's and my Salem, AZ. The picture started when I realized I'd never drawn Kerry without her hat. So, I found a picture of Kerry Model Nicole McClain I liked (though job, right?) and set out to figure out what the top of her head looked like.

Keep it here, boppers...

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The Inkslinger said...

dude...this thing with mike is amazing...a cross over...damn, i'm ready to retire