Monday, January 01, 2007

Return of the Son of Dollar Store Cinema!

A young girl is mysteriously found dead in her Louisiana hometown and Sheriff Whitacker (David Janssen) tries to crack the case. Tensions build as more and more suspects come into play. The people of the town believe a pack of wild dogs are to blame for the girls' death, but are they more than just wild dogs? The film's ending is quite unusual.

At least that's what the back of the box claims and if that final boast is true, I couldn't tell you. I fell asleep every time I tried watching it. People in Louisiana have a different definition of "tension" as this 1972 made-for-TV masterpiece was as tense as an episode of the Cajun Chef. Forty-five minutes into this sleeper, character actor extraordinaire Geoffrey Lewis is chased around a jail cell by a menacing shadow and is ultimately killed, subsequently killing any interest in the movie for me. To her credit and possible dismay, Leslie H. Whitten wrote the book this fine film was based on.

Because I can't fairly critique "Moon of the Wolf," having slept through it's "unusual ending," I figure I'd take this opportunity to review a movie I actually managed to stay awake through. "Five Minutes to Live," stars Johnny Cash and, oh hell, who cares beyond that right? In his 1956 debute, Cash stars in this tale of a kidnapper who takes a housewife hostage and demands a ransom from her wealthy husband
. This movie actually delivers plot twists up the wazoo, a little singing on Cash's part, and an opening scene that has the future Man In Black behind the muzzle of a blazing Tommy Gun. Want more? How about Vic Tayback for starters?

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