Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hollywood Heroes Update #11: The Story So Far...

1943, somewhere on a small uncharted island off the coast of Africa...
"Behold! Za greatest veapon of za Sird Reich!"

Meanwhile, somewhere in the heart of Kansas, upon a hot, wooden stage, a handful of silver screen serial heroes gather for a War Bond rally.
Although the lot of them never quite reached the star status of the Phantom, the Shadow or even "Crash" Corrigan, to this crowd, they are all stars. Heroes.
Today, their names are legend.
William Waters, Olympic silver medal swimmer turned actor achieved fame in "The Underwater Empire" as the Atlantean hero the Blue Wave.
Sidney Rosenthal as the crimson-clad Latin swashbuckler El Royo.
Wally "Booster" Martin as the rocketeering Nightflyer.
Burt Barnes, aka the high-flying Captain Nighthawk.
Dylan Morrow, Olympic gold medal-winning archer as the Scarlet Archer.
The reclusive Richmond Kane as the mysterious Chimera.

And Jack Hart, the All-American Hero!
"Remember, kids, don't let the Nazis win! Get your parents to buy war bonds! It's the American way!"
And the crowd goes wild.

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