Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Hollywood Heroes" Update #4!

The trouble as I see it with creating a patriotic superhero is that they've been done to death. You name it, someone's already using the name you want or the costume you've so carefully created so as to not infringe on any others is too close to someone you've never heard of. And as for naming them, forget about it. Captain America, Super Patriot, Commander Steel are just a few of the better ones and the number of variances thereof are incalculable. So, when you want to create a classic-looking patriotic serial hero, what do you do? I just said "to hell with it" and did what I wanted. I went with a more subdued-looking stars & stripes type that has some obvious influences in the serials the likes of which you, the reader can toil over. The serials, after all, were black and white, so garbing Jack Hart, the All American Hero in too flashy an outfit would be just a waste.

So, who is Jack Hart, you ask? What separates Hart from the other Hollywood Heroes and other actual serial heroes for that matter is that Jack Hart the actor and the All-American Hero are one in the same. In much the same way Bill Boyde and Hopalong Cassidy were one in the same, Jack Hart is the All-American Hero. Everywhere Jack goes, he goes as Jack Hart, the All-American Hero, signing autographs and telling kids everywhere to get their parents to buy war bonds.

Strong as an ox and as determined as the American spirit he symbolizes, Jack Hart is a natural leader if not a bit too gung-ho. With a .45 on his hip, Jack Hart, the All-American Hero foiled many a dastardly plot by enemy saboteurs every Saturday morning and so, when his country called, Jack Hart the man didn't hesitate to become a true Hollywood Hero.

Don't worry about that ridiculous-looking mask, it's just for show.

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