Wednesday, May 23, 2007


At this year's Motor City Comicon, I officially started my dream sketchbook. My plan is to get pencil sketches of my favorite Marvel characters (circa 1963-65) by some of my favorite artists who also happen to be some of my favorite people. My goal is to find just the right artist for just the right character and who better to draw the original clunky ol' Iron Man armor than Jason Howard? I've long admired Jason's style for all things metallic and, when I gave him the choice between the original armor and, say, the sleeker version that it was soon modified into, he naturally chose the ol' iron pants version.
Above you can see Jason's fantastic original sketch, while below you can see the ink job I did to a copy of it. My dream sketchbook has two purposes. One is to gather sketches as I said before. The other is to give me a chance to ink their work.

Keep it here, boppers! More Motor City madness to come!

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The Inkslinger said...

Nice. Great idea....and to think, it all started with the best ice cream (in Detroit)!