Friday, May 25, 2007

Motor City Madness '07 Review (The Short Version)

Top 10 Convention Moments of '07 (In some sort of order):

1. Upgrading to king-sized suites when the hotel realized they'd overbooked. Other than that, the hotel sucked.

2. Having Uko Smith refer to me as his nemesis.

3. Having Jay Fife refer to Uko as
my nemesis.

4. Witnessing Lou Ferrigno apparently escorting Seka back to her table.

5. Realizing I was taking a leak right next to Richard "Oscar Goldman" Anderson.

Not having the guy dressed up like Wonder Woman taking a leak next to me.

7. Mike Indovina begging "Don't eat me" after I explained my philosophy on food: If you're slower than me and stupider than me, pass the salt (Thank you, Anthony Bourdain).

8. Meeting the legendary Dick Ayers & buying an original original Ghost Rider sketch off of him for next to nothing!

9. Finally finding some decent images of the Black Widow's first costume!

10. "Sweet Christmas!" This awesome Power Man drinking glass! Pictured below filled with an inaugural bottle of LaBatts Blue.
Keep it here, boppers for more Motor City Madness!

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