Friday, June 08, 2007

Not a "Hollywood Heroes Update"

While trolling through the murky depths of my hard drive, I came across an old image of my femme fatal, Nora Frost. Ms. Frost first appeared to me in a dream well over ten years ago and has haunted my imagination ever since. She made her first "appearance" in a short story I wrote called "The Wizard of Holiday Ave." as the spell-slinging stripper love interest to the story's hero Jack. Later, I attempted to expand Jack's world by compiling and adding to all the short stories I'd written about him in a book called "The Charmed Life." It was an attempt to combine film noir with fantasy. One of these days, I may get around to finishing the book, but in the meantime, just enjoy the picture.

Here's an article I found awhile back while blogging (the cyber space equivalent of "dumpster diving," I suppose). I told some friends about it not too long ago and meant to post it then, but I sorta forgot about it. I don't know how reliable the article is, but it makes for a helluva story. If you can't read it at this size, just click the image for a bigger version.

What happened one night when Clark Kent took his date to see a dirty movie.
Gee, Clark, it didn't take "super intelligence" to figure that one out.

Just a random image of the Swedish "ice queen" Anita Eckberg. Note the shape of her eyes and the shape of her eyebrows and then look at Nora Frost again. I swear I had no idea who Anita Eckberg was when I created Ms. Frost. Maybe I should do a homage to this image with Ms. Frost. It only seems right, I guess.

Well, boppers, this pretty much wraps up this post. More "Hollywood Heroes" updates to come.

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