Monday, December 29, 2008

Ancient Art-ifacts

In an attempt to make up for a year-long lack of "If They Move...Blog 'Em!" posts before the year is up, I bring you, gentle boppers, some ancient art-ifacts. Get it? ART-ifacts? Yeah, I know.

Up first is a real blast from the past and a particular favorite of mine. Decades ago, my good friend Ken Holewcyznski created a wonderful but short-lived comic book called "Futurama." That's right, you read that right. No offense to Matt Groening, but Ken's "Futurama" was a well-written, uniquely-drawn masterpiece in the vein of Thea von Harbou's "Metropolis." Ken was selling his original artwork for the series for something like twenty bucks and I didn't hesitate at buying my favorite page, posted below.

I even bought a "Futurama" t-shirt, but have since outgrown it and have no idea where it ended up.

About ten years ago, I started working on a book about three guys in their mid-twenties who barely got along and were thrown into the shadow world of magic and monsters. Each one "found" a powerful magic item with which they used to battle evil under the watchful guidance of reclusive horror novelist/sorcerer Desmond Craft. Although I'd outlined the first story arch and nearly finished issue one, the story just lost steam for me.

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I say "found" because it turned out the magic items were actually looking for them.

In the next few years, you'll probably see some incarnation of Goldenhawk (below) in the pages of "The Serial Squad!" This was the original concept I had for him.

I had a bunch of costume pieces in my head left over from drawing all kinds of warrior chicks and threw them together for this piece, which I called "Mistress of Steel."

Morgoth (below) is a character a buddy of mine played a number of years back in my Kirby-esque world of Skataris. As it turned out, in a time-traveling adventure, one of Morgoth's companions, an orc raised by peaceful Martial Arts monks was accidentally responsible for Skataris's near destruction that turned it into the string of planetoids it was.

Lastly, a little slice of cheesecake.

Keep it here, boppers.

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