Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Few Images I Really Like!

Up first is the cover to Mike Indovina's The Chimera Strikes! #2, art by yours truly. I really like this picture simply because, upon seeing it, Mike emailed me saying it was, "The coolest thing I've ever seen." That's the kind of reaction I like. Mike's a helluva storyteller and artist, so that kind of praise goes a long way.

The cover is a long way (literally) from the image below. My mother unearthed this drawing recently, drawn by yours truly some twenty-seven years ago, when I was first introduced (I think) to The Ghost Who Walks.

I'm not exactly sure why I gave him a high tech hunk of handgun, possibly because I was also pretty into Dethlok at the time. If I remember right, I had a dart gun that looked similar to the gun in the picture.

Tom Scioli has long been one of my favorite artists since I stumbled upon his series The Myth of 6-Opus at my first Mid-Ohio convention a few years back. Tom is, I believe, the reincarnation of Jack Kirby, obviously and his work for Image Comics on Godland, penned by Joe Casey, is a great book, but I keep asking Tom every time I see him when the next issue of 8-Opus is coming out. I get the same answer, essentially: "When I can find the time."

Below is a picture of Captain America I asked Tom to draw at S.P.A.C.E., back in '07, when I found out he was only charging twenty bucks a sketch! I finally found the time and nerve to ink it.

Somewhere I have a sketch of Black Bolt he did for me last year. I wonder if Tom needs a new inker. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

Oh, well, keep it here, Boppers, for more posts.

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