Sunday, December 14, 2008

Project Update, 12-16-08!

A lot has been going on since The Serial Squad!, Thrill-O-Rama debuted earlier this year at SPACE. The reception for the book has way exceeded my expectations, thanks in no small part to John's rock-n-roll promotional style. Thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy and if you haven't picked up a copy yet, it's available at the Bad Place Productions website as well as any of the conventions we'll be attending in the fast-approaching new year.

In an attempt to at least post here on a semi-regular basis, along with my usual bits of tomfoolery, I'll be posting various images and news concerning project updates, etc. Up first are the first five pages of The Chimera Strikes! #2, which, aside from the front cover, I recently completed penciling and inking for Mike Indovina. Issue one is still available through Mike's website as well as the conventions he too will be attending. Mike don't talk much. He don't have to. His books speak volumes. Check 'em out!

As you read this, I'm diligently toiling over the pages for The Serial Squad! #1, Terror at the Bottom of the World! Keep it here, boppers, for all the updates fit to print, including pages from that very book.

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