Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Wild Card" Wednesday!

Welcome to the first of a (hopefully) regularly scheduled post I like to call "Wild Card" Wednesday. As many of you know, I took the summer off from my comic book "work" to spend time with my wife and kids but as summer is drawing to a close (every pun intended), I've started doing warm-up drawings to get back in the swing of things. Among other things, I've been doing a lot sketch cards of my favorite Marvel and DC characters, some of whom are probably too obscure for my own good. I've decided to make these cards available to anyone who wants them for the meager price of five bucks (shipping included). It's first come first served, so the first one out there to let me know they're interested in purchasing said sketch card will be the first person for whom I'll hold the card. Paying for the card is easy. I'm not set up for Paypal at the moment, so simply send me a money order for five bucks, I'll send you the card and everybody walks away happy. No personal checks, please. Once we've agreed who'll be taking the card home with them, I'll email you all the necessary ordering information.

Today's "Wild Card" is...Iron Man!