Sunday, September 10, 2006

Along Came A Spider...

Project updates this time 'round!

First, a bit of shocking news. Apparently Joe "Madskills" Fuentes had a bit of a setback when his computer crashed, taking with it all the color work he's done for Pickle Press. That includes all 32 pages of Three Keys #2 as well as work on a number of other Pickle Press books. But, he's assured Nik he's working night and day to get caught up. Per angusta ad augusta, I always say. Loosely translated: No pressure no diamonds.
My work on the fist issue of Salem, AZ stalled out for a bit, but I'm back in the swing of things with only about eight more pages to pencil. Bill "Inkinator" Wilkison assured me in an email that his ink work on it is going swimingly. I believe his words were: Who said anything about a dry spell, bitch? I'm rolling in it! You gotta know the guy, I guess.

Below are two panels from page thirty. Awhile back I did this picture of Kerry Connelly and when Nicole McClain saw it, she announced she was afraid of spiders. That little bit of personal information from the big bad deer hunter made drawing page thirty particularly fun for me.
Nik has agreed to letter what is going to be an ashcan version of Up Jumped the Devil in trade for a Lady Blackhawk painting. You gotta know the guy, I guess. More on that later.

Well, that pretty much wraps things up this time 'round.

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