Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Tennessee Tuxedo Will Not Fail!"

A slogan I still find myself using when I'm pretty sure I don't stand a hope in Hell. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm really depressed. I just found out Don Adams died. He was 82, I think. What's really sad about the whole thing is I thought he already was dead. Many people know and love Mr. Adams for what he did as Maxwell Smart in that old 60s TV staple get smart, and as much as I enjoyed that show, I'll always remember him for being the voice of the one and only Tennessee Tuxedo.

In the 60s, there was a rash of cartoons that were ahead of the game that both kids and adults could enjoy for different reasons and Tennessee Tuxedo, who was sandwiched between the adventures of Underdog, was one of my favorites. I'll watch them today and they're still funny. I watch the shows my kids watch these days and, at the risk of sounding like my father, they're pretty much crap by comparison to what was on TV in my day. I doubt if they'll even be remembered. Time'll tell, I suppose, but I'm not betting on any of 'em.

Don Adams will be missed, but never forgotten...

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Conventions Are Comin'!

October 8th, South Bend, IN plays host to its bi-annual Michiana Comicon, a fun little show that's been going on for over two decades. I've been going to this show almost since the first one and love the fact that Nik and I now set up at it!

Over the years, I've met a lot of cool people, some who've moved on to big things, like Jeff Dee, Don Simson, Ken Holewczynski (I think I spelled that right) and Bill Loebs.

Located at Holy Family Hall on the NW corner of Mayflower and Western, tickets to get in are $2 and it's open to the public from 10 am to 4 pm. Door prises abound! For info, contact Jim @ (574)232-8129 Recite the original Green Lantern's oath and impress the crap out of him!

Nik and I'll be there with all the latest Pickle Press books, previews of things to come, plenty of free suckers and candy cigarettes! Stop by and say "hi!"


What's Lyin' Around the Studio This Month...

Having recently wrapped up my penciling/inking chores (like it was work!) on The Three Keys for Pickle Press has freed up some time to pursue other artistic interests, including a Big 'Fro Brown story for Robert Swinton. I'm currently muddling through a script for the story with Robert as I write this. The working title is In the Dark and I'm totally stoked! Robert has been instrumental in getting me up off my creative ass. Thanks, buddy.

Another project is a pin-up for Rafael Navarro's amazing Sonambulo (not to be confused with Bill Wilkison's Amazing Walter)! To your right is a character study of Rafael's paranormal investigating lucha Sonambulo done by yours truly. If the picture looks familiar, that's because it's a total (and shamelesss) tribute to the famous photograph of Robert E. Howard. Joe Fuentes is currently working on an inked version of this picture. I swear, I could scribble on a coctail napkin and the guy'd want to ink it! I'm going to start posting some of the stuff of mine that he's colorized on my "Art of Studio 831" page soon.

As many of you know, back in November, Barbi and I lost our ten-year-old daughter Arissa in a terrible car accident. I'm currently putting together a comic book deticated to her memory and featuring Ursala the Dream Fairy. Arissa, who was blessed with a vivid imagination, was also cursed with vivid nightmares, so Barbi, in a total burst of inspiration, thought up this dream fairy who took away the nightmares of little children and replaced them with good dreams. After that, Sissy never had a nightmare again. Ursala the Dream Fairy (as it's currently being called) is a labor of love. I'll soon be posting pages.

I haven't painting anything lately, maybe I should start that, huh?

Well, that pretty much sums up things around here. I'd like to thank Nik, Bill, Joe, Rafael and Robert for all their help, support, inspiration and for just plain being there. All you guys are champs! If you don't know who they are, go to my "Friends" page. Tell 'em I sent ya.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Git Ready For The Big Payback!

As many of you know, last Spring at S.P.A.C.E., I met Robert Swinton whose comic "Blow" literally blew me away (every pun intended). "Blow" features the no-nonsense life and times of professional clean-up man and jazz trumpeteer Big 'Fro Brown. Thanks to the internet, over the past few months, Robert and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. Good enough that he has trusted me to share his dream. He and I have begun collaborating on a Big 'Fro story to be published later. If you haven't checked out Big 'Fro or Robert Swinton, first of all shame on you, secondly, go to my "friends" page and give him a look. The Big 'Fro story is still in its infancy, but keep it here, suckers, for all the latest news. Posted here is just a taste.