Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Quest Continues...

Failure isn't necessarily failing, it's learning how not to do things that way.  That said, in my family's attempt at creating low-sodium, MSG and TBHQ-free chicken ramen noodles, my daughter Arlaux and I followed the recipe I found to the letter and found it damn near inedible and wound up in the trash.  The second batch, which we tweaked quite a bit, however, came closer.  Our goal is to create a method with which even someone as culinarily-challenged as my son The Toad can come home from school and, within five minutes, be sucking down a bowl of noodles instead of grazing on a bag of chips the way a horse straps on a feed bag.  

Why, you might ask, are we going through so much trouble?  Because chicken ramen noodles are awesome.  


Stay tuned for further details. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

First Post in Years!

This my first blog post in a few years.  This is a photo of Godzilla antagonist King Caesar.  Have a great day.
What?  You were expecting something profound?