Monday, May 18, 2009

That's it...I'm Done with "Modern Comics"

I realize that this happened awhile back, but I've been out of the loop of late where recent comics are concerned, but while Googling some random images this morning over coffee, I came across this. What the hell's wrong with comic books today?!

That's it, I'm through with "modern comics." At least from the Big Two. Sorry, Deathstroke. Just personal.


Tomo said...

How old are you to just now realise there is a issue with modern Comics??

Paul E. Schultz said...

I've always known there was a problem with "modern comics," but I've always given at least a few of them a shot, titles such as JSA for example. But, when a writer uses a child molesting super villain (check your Titans history if you don't believe me) to kill off a hero whose roots stem farther back than most of us can even remember, I just gotta draw the line. And for what purpose other than to make younger readers go "oooh" and "aaaah," was there to kill off the Freedom Force?! Oh, and I'm 41.