Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Three Minutes with the Inkslinger

For sometime now, Bill "The Inkslinger" Wilkison has been posting "three minute interviews" with various artists in the field of comics. Now, you're not gonna find these folks listed in the credits of the everyday garden variety comic books you find at your local newstand (do they even have comics at your local newstand anymore?). No, these folks are on a path all their own and all of them are extraordinarily-talented individuals, so it seemed only right to interview the interviewer.

But who is Bill Wilkison? Aside from being the force behind his three-issue comic book series featuring the Amazing Walter, Bill is an artist who knows no limits. I've only known Bill a few years, but it somehow seems longer. You can interpret that however you want, but I credit it to his love of the game of life. Bill has used Sharpies for so many years he should suffer a permanent contact buzz and he's the only guy I've ever met who gave himself his own nickname and it stuck.

Paul Schultz: Bill, you've managed to find a common thread among artists across the board that Dr. Seuss had a big influence on them growing up and that influence continues today. What influence has Dr. Seuss had on your life, work or art?

Inkslinger: He taught me to loosen up. In art and in life. The stories are really all about not being so uptight...about discovery...about taking risks and letting yourself be transformed. This is how you should treat your art as matter what boundaries you think exist, no matter what limitations or expectations you put on yourself, there is always something else in store.

PS: I guess the guy who invented the question should have the best answer. Hey, Bill, art is interpretive. What is this?

Inkslinger: I made this game up, so I'm allowed two answers. At first I thought it was an olive in shadow, but I know this is because I finally broke down yesterday and bought 10 very expensive Olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. But anyone can clearly see that this is the nose and mouth of Boo-boo Bear from the Yogi cartoons.

PS: What's your favorite "secret shame" movie?

Inkslinger: Milk Money starring Melanie Griffith. (In fact all of my "secret shames" invlove Melanie Griffith.)

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