Friday, January 12, 2007

Photo Album!

As some of you might know, I'm beginning a comic book project I'm particularly excited about with the Mr. Satyr himself, Mike Indovina. Of course, that doesn't mean I haven't been excited about all the other projects I've worked on, but this one is of special importance to me. Not only have I been promising a very patient Mike that I'd get to this project eventually, but ever since I was twelve years old, all I've ever wanted to do was draw superhero comics and in the almost three years I've been getting my feet wet in the Indy scene, this is the closest I've come to doing a "long underwear" book.

So, for the next few months, between working with Mike, working on a handful of paintings, doing more work on Salem, AZ with the Inkslinger hisself and Big 'Fro Brown, I don't exactly know what images I'll be able to post and when, so in the meantime, here's a super sized post. Inspired by a recent post by fellow blogger the Evil DM, I thought I could fill some time with a bunch of photos and images I've amassed over the past few months.

First up, a creepy little dinosaur picture my six-year-old Ayden drew using Microsoft Paint.
Ayden, who turns seven on January 24th, just so happens to share a birthday with Ernest Borgnine and the late Jaded Minstrel himself, Warren Zevon. Not too shabby company if you ask me. I share mine with Jenna Jameson, also not too shabby.
Here's a random 1970s comic image for ya and a perfect example why Marvel's Misty Knight was one bad sister.

Speaking of bad girls, what's hotter than a redheaded Russian spy in a skin-tight Emma Peel knock-off? Nothing! If I'd been writing comic back in the 70s, I'd have teamed her and Misty Knight up in their own book in a second!

I miss you, Maestro.
In a Viking way, of course.
Drop me an email, man!
My wife's probably gonna kill me for postin' this one, but that's what she gets for showing me this picture. Thank God Arlaux takes after you, baby.

And now for the opposite of "cute," Danny "Navajas" Trejo is simply the scariest-lookin' hombre in Hollywood.

Why hasn't anybody done anything with Black Vulcan lately? Talk about a waste! If DC Comics could bring the Wonder-friggin'-Twins from the 70s small screen to comic books, why not a character worth salvaging? And what about Super Chief and Eldorado, for that matter? His magic cape allowed him to teleport, for cryin' out loud! How cool was that?
Speaking of salvaging worthwhile things? Does anybody remember Jackie Brown? There's an old saying that goes Stagecoach made John Wayne a star, but The Searchers made him an actor. In my humble opinion, the same could be said about Pam Grier. Foxy Brown made her a star, but Jackie Brown made her an actress. Don't get me wrong, Miss Grier's made about fifty movies, most of which I've seen and I enjoyed her in each one, but there was something about Jackie Brown that made me wonder why the hell doesn't she have a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame?!

She would've made a helluva Misty Knight too!

Can you believe this bow-huntin', head-turnin' painter, who isn't afraid to get her hands bloody (literally) would have anything to do with a couple of comic geeks like Nik and myself? For any of you living in a cave up till now, Miss Nicole McClain has taken on the likeness of Salem, AZ's gunslingin' witch Kerry Connelly.

"If they move...Kill 'em!"

Remember the good ol' days of comic book ads? This ad sure promises a lot for only $6.98!

The OTF?

Here's a cool dude in a loose mood. If anybody even remembered who he is, I'd say, "Move over, Tone Loc." Hard to believe my little boy's three years old!

Speaking of incorrigible three-year-olds, here's a long-thought lost picture of Arlaux at about that age, turning our old entertainment center into her own hide out. Now that's entertainment!

And that pretty much wraps things up. Keep checkin' back, boppers...

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Nic said...

You are such a sweetheart! Love the post! And if you want some of those bloody-handed pics, I have some I can send! lol