Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Game Night, 11-09-08!

Well, it was Game Night again last Monday. Glen Evans, our GM, whipped us up the "Heroes Unlimited" versions of Power Man & Iron Fist for myself and Marc, whose last name I'm hiding to protect his identity. By the end of the Game session, however, we'd modified the two Marvel Bronze-Aged badasses into the characters you see below. My buddy Jay Fife once said "homage" was French for "halfassed," but I tend to put my whole ass into everything I do. Anyone who knows me knows of my love for Bronze Age Marvel characters, so behold, two characters we created that you'll never see on a comic book page for fear of numerous lawsuits. I give you: Black Samson & Iron Gauntlet!

Fearful of being spotted and thus hindering his chances of ever getting laid again, Marc attempts to conceal his true identity by doing his best Emperor Palpatine impression. "Emperor Palpitation" is more like it. Way to go, man, that'll work!

Glen clearly has no such problems. He appears to be livin' large and laughin' easy.

In this adventure us two burgeoning "Heroes for Hire" are trying to find out whose been targeting (and destroying) the banks in our area. Two "retired" heavy hitters named Hammer & Anvil are the key "persons of interest," but I seriously doubt it's them. They were home snug in their beds when the last bank was hit. I know this because I burst in on one of them just moments after the last bank was destroyed. Keep it here, boppers, for the further adventures of Black Samson & Iron Gauntlet!

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