Monday, January 26, 2009

The Misadventures of Black Samson & Iron Gauntlet!

Things aren't lookin' too good for our heroes. Black Samson & Iron (Fisto) Gauntlet were hired by the mayor of Central City to find the whereabouts of their local crime buster, the Protector (a pragmatic if not unimaginative name), and clean up the crime wave left in the wake of his mysterious absence. Well, in our usual ass-backwards manor, we rolled into town, beat up some gang bangers, dined at some of the city's better restaurants and took in some of the local sites. While attempting to thwart the theft of a rare snake on display at the zoo, we got our asses handed to us by a pair of snake-themed super baddies, who managed to make off with the snake in spite of our best efforts. But as our luck would have it, while we were at the Dollar General Hospital, Black Samson accidentally found the Protector as a "John Doe" lying beaten and comatose. Iron Gauntlet, deciding we were in over our heads, posted a message on a super hero recruiting message board on the internet, welcoming all would-be heroes to come to Central City to help "clean up the town." Within the first five minutes, there were twenty-five hits on the site. Tonight's "Game Night Monday" should prove interesting.

In the meantime, boppers, enjoy the Black Samson & Iron Gauntlet trading cards.

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