Monday, October 10, 2005

One Last Go Around

And so, another Michiana Comicon came and went. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For twenty-three years, Michiana has played host to this fun, little show. I remember my first time there. I was still in high school. I met one of my heroes, Jeff Dee that day. In the shows that followed, I met a lot of people, some famous, some imfamous, which as we all know, means more that famous (thank you Three Amigos).

I met Nik there two years ago, bought a copy of his comic Rocket Girl #1 off of him (my daughter Arlaux's nickname at the time). Nik took one look at my online portfolio and we've been good friends ever since. "Great zombie Jesus!" I think was what his email read. "Why aren't you working for anyone?" Truth was, I'd given up. Thanks, Nik.

Along the way, I met Joe Fuentes as well. Most of you have seen his coloring work all over my website. I can't say enough good things about either of those two.

But as is the nature of all good things, fall '05 marked the end of an era and the last Michiana Comicon. The shows were kind of like family reunions. It was fun to see familiar faces twice a year, catch up on things and, when it was over, shake hands and say, "see ya' in six." Was it a great show? Not on a national standard. But it had it's own character. Will there ever be another comic book convention in Michiana? Probably. Will there ever be another one like the Michiana Comicon? Probably not. Thanks, Jim, for everything.

Looking very much like a police line-up, myself (your left), Nik & Joe strike a pose for the camera.

Bizzarro Nik gives the old "hang loose."

Do not attempt to adjust your perscription lenses. I flipped the picture hust for fun.

Don't let Joe's toughguy look fool you. Like all good fathers, he's a softy around his daughter. Watch the purple sunglasses hanging from his collar.

Joe, seen here with his daughter Isabel (with sunglasses) & his wife Deb, brought future comic book geek, one-week-old Joe IV (mini boxing gloves and all).


Joe F said...

Paul I dig the thread. I'll miss going to Michiana Con as well.

Thanks for the praises


the lair of the Evil DM said...

Ok Paul, i linked up to ya buddy. the pressure is on. now yagotta post at least a coupla times a week. and thanks for the mention on yer site. I've had a few visitors come through the links.
Adios, Jeff

dan said...

i just want to say on behalf of me and my father (jim) thanx for the support. im kinda doing a thing for him just to show that all those years really meant something and i'll be really happy to show him your post, appreciate it.
daniel rossow