Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some Friends of Mine

I've been wanting to post these pictures for awhile.

Over the summer, Dwayne (If you're any kind of regular to this little blog, you know who he is) got a visit from his boys Dylan and Alec. I promised to post some pictures for them to show off back home. Like last year, among other places, Dwayne took the boys to Wizard World in Chicago. I think it's safe to say all three boys had a good time.It's become increasingly obvious that there was a sale on Stormtrooper costumes this year as every show I've been to has had at least a battalion of troopers on the scene. Here's Dylan and Alec with just such an example at this year's Wizard World though I think he's a little short to be a Stormtrooper (with apologies to Carrie Fisher).Holy Spandex, Batman! It's the Dynamic dorks! From left to right: Nightwing (or possibly Robin), Alec, Dylan and the Dark Knight himself.Sometimes, to kill time at work, I grab a Sharpie and a sheet of butcher paper and see what happens. In the case of Alec and Dylan's pictures, something good happened.
Dylan's superpowers seeming manifest in this picture-in-a-picture shot as he inherits the same Speedforce that powers the Flash.

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