Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Requests, Part Duex!

And the requests still come trickling in.
As some of you know, I had to take a little while off from drawing comic. Every once in awhile, and as fun as it is to draw page after page of comic books, it's kinda nice to just draw something else.
Some of my earlier requests can be seen here.

This first one only technically counts as a request as it was something someone asked for a long time ago, but, hey, I'm not gonna split hairs. Besides, I really like how it turned out and so does he!
Rafael Navarro, creator of Sonambulo, asked Nik Havert last summer to let me know he wanted me to do a pin-up for his next issue of Sonambulo, Mexican Stand-Off. I'd tossed around a number of ideas, before settling on the one you see above.
"DUUUUDE!!!!!" was his response to the image. I'll take it as a compliment.

When I asked Robert "Hollywood" Swinton what he'd like, he said, "How about an old fashion DJ in a radio booth, make it kinda shadowy."
I tossed around a couple of ideas until I settled on this:
It combines a number of influences and homages and gave me just one more excuse to draw Big 'Fro in action. If you can name the two main homages, I'll give you a free original drawing (first one with the answer only, though, I'm only human).
I emailed this picture to Hollywood, letting him know that his request triggered an idea for a possible Big 'Fro story somewhere down the line.

Don't worry, Bill, your cats are coming.
More pages will be posted soon, I promise.
Oh, and thanks to Amanda for the matchboxes.
Keep it here, boppers!

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Daddy Steve said...

I'd like to request that you draw a picture of me and make a skull look hot.