Friday, February 16, 2007

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

Reading all the old comics from my youth has gotten me nostalgic for some of the superheroes I myself had created. From about 1975 to 1980, I must've created a million of 'em. Some were hopeless pastiches of popular characters, but a few were pretty cool. Or at least I like to think of them as being pretty cool.
As I've said before, at first I drew a number of mini comics (folded over 8 1/2" by 11" typing paper) of my friends and I as the Fantastic Four. One day, when I can figure out how to avoid a lawsuit and getting pummeled by my friends, I plan on recreating those little gems. The first issue will be called "It Was A Dark & Stormy Night." But soon after I started creating "original" characters of my own, though still based on friends and myself. So, I thought it would be fun to recreate some of the less embarrassing ones for your view amusement.
Never one to pass up a chance to embarrass myself for the sake of entertainment, I figured I'd draw myself first.
The Laser (I thought it was a cool-sounding name at the time) was a 12-year-old me who, struck by a bolt of "alien energy from deep space" was given the scientific knowledge of an "alien world long dead" to create powerful wristbands that allowed me to fly at the speed of light, fire powerful, destructive bolts of energy and gave me superhuman strength. I wasn't bullet proof, but I could melt the bullets before they even reached me. The dead alien race, it seemed, put all their scientific knowledge into this "beam," which they fired off as a sort of distress/warning signal and as luck would have it, it struck this "C" average earthkid whose head was always in the stars anyway.
I think I was really into Marvel's Nova & Captain Mar-Vel at the time and probably caught "Forbidden Planet" on Son of Svengoolie in order to create this one.
Keep it here for more nostalgic fun, boppers...

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